Kamlalebur Kheer

Kamlalebur Kheer aka Orange Kheer is a sweet delicacy made in almost each Bengali household during the season of oranges.This is the one recipe that I swiped a couple of times in a dilemma whether to use it for ‘K’ or ‘O’.

I initially made it or the alphabet ‘O’ but later had to change it for K as my dish for K was fitting in for U.You all know how many logic we use to make a blog post fit in the suitable theme.The recipe for this sinful dessert was adapted from Divine Taste and you may read more about this kheer at Sandeepa’ s space too. Orange is called Kamlalebu in Bengali and it is a very common almost effortless dessert that you all might want to try.

The day was Mr.H’s birthday when I made this Orange Kheer along with Pav Bhaji and Tuxedo cake.This was very unusual combination.He was surprised to know that even for his birthday I was thinking for the “blog”.That’s what we food bloggers do na we try to take advantage from every occasion we cook something for;) When I served this Kheer,the family wasn’t ready to try it thinking how milk would taste with oranges because they never have had this Kheer before.I requested them okay,just try it one spoon and if you won’t like then don’t eat.And then there was one spoon followed until last spoon and were demands to serve more.Even I had to bribe the Birthday Man with one more bowl in exchange of posing for my picture.

Blogging Marathon#63 Day 11
Dish-Kamlalebur Kheer

1 liter whole milk
2 big oranges(I used California Navel Oranges)
1/2 cup sugar or as per taste
few saffron strands
2 tablespoon pistachios,chopped

Peel the oranges and remove the skin,threads and seeds.Chop them in small pieces.
In a small bowl add saffron strands and 2 tablespoon of warm milk.Keep it aside.
In a heavy bottom pan add milk and let it boil.
Once boiled let it cook on simmer,stirring occasionally until it becomes a little thick.
Once thickened add sugar and saffron milk.Let it cook for 2-3 minutes more to dissolve the sugar.

Remove from heat and let it cool a little.Now add the chopped oranges,stir to combine.

Garnish with chopped pistachios.Cool in refrigerator and serve chilled.


Serve-4 Cooking time-40 minutes

Make sure to use sweet oranges otherwise the whole dish will be spoiled.
Add the oranges once the kheer is cooked.
Refrigerate and serve it as chilled dessert.

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Sapana Behl

17 comments on “Kamlalebur Kheer”

  1. Srivalli says:

    Looks like you got yourself a good model now!..and needless to say your pictures are so amazing..very nicely done…and lol you got me cracked with your choice for O and U..I can't wait to see what they might be..the Orange kheer looks amazing Sapana..

  2. Sapana, love your cute story.. The kheer is just mouthwatering:)

  3. Usha says:

    Well, you lucky your man is willing to pose for the picture with bribe . My man would not even entertain the idea. 🙁 I made this kheer long back from Nupur's blog, who had made it from Sandeepa's. Loved it !! Kheer looks great and beautiful pictures.

  4. Sapana, I had similar issues too with alphabets. My original D is now set for W and the I one has gone to S.. lol Between amazing and interesting kheer. As you mentioned need to get hold of sweet oranges.

  5. Just cant take my eyes from your beautiful kheer, this kheer is simply fantabulous Sapana.

  6. Wow!!amazing clicks and the kheer looks absolutely delicious..

  7. Love this decadent kheer and the mugs you served in. I had tried it long ago from Sandeepa'so blog and enjoyed it.

  8. Hahaha, nice one Sapana. Even I think of blog when it is anniversary or birthdays so that we don't repeat any dishes, right? The kheer with oranges looks amazing…

  9. Orange is one flavor I really like, The kheer looks divine, its tempting me..i have tried a Orange badaam phirni but this one sounds stunning.

  10. Pavani N says:

    Amazing clicks Sapana. Orange kheer looks and sounds absolutely delicious.

  11. Love the superb presentation of the delicious kheer. This one nailed my decision of doing a Bengali theme in the future 🙂

  12. I loved your kheer and the presentation. It is lovely to see your man pose for you. Mine is very happy to have me pose while he clicks!! Awesome 🙂

  13. I was sin this confusion with letters many times when I was making my list. Still with some letters 🙁 kheer looks so delicious…

  14. What a beautiful presentation and love the sweet touch of oranges in the kheer. Lovely recipe!

  15. I made this when we did the Indian states mega marathon – you have garnished it so beautifully and are reminding me how delicious it was and that it's time for me to make it again

  16. Ruchi Indu says:

    loved your cute story. mouthwatering kheer

  17. Awesome clicks. I have made this too from Anushruti's space and loved it

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