Elaich Sondesh

Elaich Sondesh,my next dish in “Journey through Cuisines” is a sweet melt in mouth dish from the Bengali Cuisine.Bengali cuisine is famous for its amazing milk solids/chenna based desserts all over the India and even outside the country.Either it is Misthi Doi ,Cham Cham,Pithe or the very humble Rosogulla,each and every sweet dish is a delicacy in itself and can’t beat with the others in the taste.

After searching a lot of recipes for the alphabet E’ and almost giving up,even planned to use adjectives,I came up with this recipe.There are many versions of Sondesh like kesar sondesh,chocolate sondesh,aam sondesh or so but I made the classic Sondesh with flavors of Elaichi or as they say in Bengali Elaich Soboj.

It was a nice weekend day when I start the process of making sondesh. I normally do not buy elaichi or cardamom powder and make it at home.So after making chenna ,I crushed fresh cardamoms in the coffee grinder and shifted it to make a nice and flavorful powder.Once my sondesh were ready ,I kept them in the dining room,at that time Hubby was working on his computer in his study.He suddenly came down in the that room and looked on the table smelling something and asked what I had done.At that time,I went in flashback and I compared the scene with when we were kids and watching the Mickey Mouse or chip and dale.You all must have remembered how Pluto or any other character used to flying with the aroma of food and reached around it.It was almost the same scene and I started laughing,imagine him flew down behind the smell of cardamoms,like crazy.He ate 2-3 sondesh and looking to me as if nothing happened.

Blogging Marathon#63 Day 5
Dish-Elaich Sondesh

1 liter whole milk
juice of 1 lemon
1/3 cup powdered sugar
1 teaspoon cardamom powder
crushed pistachios to garnish

Heat milk in a heavy bottom pan.Let it boil on simmer.Once boiled remove from heat and let it cool for 2-3 minutes.
Now start adding juice of one lemon little at a
time and stir the milk.Stop adding the lemon juice once all the milk curdled and water is separated.
In a bowl place a muslin or cotton cloth and pour the milk mixture over it.Strain the chenna and wash it under running water 2-3 times to remove the lemon juice.
Now squeeze all the excess water from the chenna by pressing it in the palms inside the muslin cloth.
Take the prepared chenna in a plate and press it or knead it or a couple of minutes to make it soft.
Now add the sifted powdered sugar and mix again until sugar combined with chenna.
Heat a pan on low and add the chenna in it.Stir and cook on low pr 3-4 minutes only.
Remove from heat ,cool the chenna and add cardamom powder in it.

Make small round balls from the chenna and press them gently to flatten the sondesh. You may try making them with molds or an other desired shape.
Garnish with crushed pistachios and store in refrigerator.

Serve and enjoy.

Stays fresh for 3- days in refrigerator.

Serve-12 to 15 pieces Cooking time -30 minutes

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21 comments on “Elaich Sondesh”

  1. Srivalli says:

    Beautiful pictures Sapana….feel like grabbing some right away..

  2. They have come out so beautiful Sapna!! Bengali sweets are my favourite.. 🙂 🙂 Lovely…

  3. My daughter does this and I always remember Jerry flying behind the aroma of cheese. Elaichi flavoured sandesh looks divine and I can understand why your hubby behaved like that. 🙂

  4. Usha says:

    Some spices are so aromatic that they drag you the good no matter how far away you are. Sondesh has come out so good and looks lovely with pistachio garnish.

  5. even I wanted to try some thing with elaichi but didn't get any idea.So jumped to Enchor nice recipe and beautiful pictures Sapana..

  6. They look succulent and soft. Should tasty heavenly as well

  7. Great pick for alphabet E.. super awesome.

  8. Such cute and spongy Sondesh. Well made and awesome clicks. Loved the last picture against the dark green background 🙂

  9. Bengali sweets are irresistible and this one too is no exception, Sapna. Cardamom must have added great flavor and aroma to sondesh.

  10. I was literally drooling when I saw your pictures on FB this morning. The sondesh looks amazing and it is so easy to make. Never thought it was this simple. I am going to try this very soon.

  11. Sondesh looks so tempting Sapana, really delicious:)

  12. I have made sandesh but I must say you have done a fantastic job with these, they look so pretty and so well made. absolutely stunning Sapna !

  13. How prefect and beautiful looking sandesh, super cute they are, love it Sapana.

  14. Great fan of Bengali sweets,absolutely delicious one..you have captured it so well.

  15. Pavani N says:

    Soft and delicious looking sandesh. Perfectly made.

  16. rajani says:

    I know what you're talking about… Mickey Mouse floating in air, following the aroma of cake or some other thing! :-))

    These must have smelled awesome to invoke the same response from your husband!!

  17. Sondesh look so delicious.Gorgeous photos Sapana

  18. Gorgeous gorgeous sondesh! ! Must be vamazingly flavorful with elaichi!! A smart choice for E!!!

  19. what a delightful treat and photos are just mindblowing

  20. Ruchi Indu says:

    That sandesh is looking awesome… Actually from the time this BM started and I got to know there are bengali cuisines involved, I was waiting for this sondesh recipe… Bookmarked!!

  21. I love bengali sweets and this looks so delicious

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