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Sukhdi is popular Gujarati sweet made of wheat flour and clarified butter.In the cold days they would make few batches of sukhdi and consume it to stay warm and comforting.If you happen to visit a Gujarati family apart from the delicious savory treats you would always find sukhdi in their pantry.I learned the recipe from my Gujarati neighbor friend,infact she was standing beside me throughout the making of Sukhdis.She told me how different families have different way of making sukhdi.Some people add ghee with flour while others like to add the ghee later to make the procedure a little easy.

The recipe of Sukhdi is very easy but a little tricky.To get a nice texture and taste you will have to add the jaggery in the end right after turning off the heat.
I was so impatient after making the sukhdi that I did not waited for longer to let it set and cut the pieces.You might notice the presence of some moisture in them .

Blogging Marathon#61/Week3
Theme-Indian Sweets

4 cups wheat flour
2 cups jaggery,grated
2 cups ghee + more if required


Prepare a baking square baking pan or round plate by greasing with ghee or butter.
Heat a heavy bottom pan and add sifted wheat flour.Keep the heat on low and start dry roasting the flour.
Keep stirring to avoid burning and roast the flour until it turns light brown in color.
Once the flour is light brown add ghee.The flour should be soaked completely in ghee.
Keeping the heat on medium low ,stir and cook until the mixture starts thickening and leaves the sides of the pan.
Once thickened add jaggery and turn off the heat.Mix well until jaggery combines with flour.
Transfer the mixture into the prepared pan or plate.

Let it set for 1 minute before making cut marks.
Cool completely before removing the cut pieces.
Store the sukhdi in air tight container.

Serve and enjoy.Stays fresh for few months.

Serve-25 to 30 pieces Cooking time-30 minutes

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Sapana Behl

13 comments on “Sukhdi | Golpapdi”

  1. Wow ! It's perfect Sapna . The sukhdi looks excellent and well prepared , its a favourite in our house too .

  2. Its like mysore paahu naa.. but prepared with wheat flour. great share

  3. Wow, this looks absolutely inviting.

  4. They look delicious. BTW, is the ghee measurement for melted or unmelted one?

  5. Pavani N says:

    That is a such a rich and decadent looking dish Sapana. Great job on getting it in such a perfect consistency.

  6. Jayanthi says:

    You are tempting me with those pictures…looks yummy!

  7. Wow perfectly made sapana looks fantastic…

  8. This is our family favorite!! I loved the way you cut it 🙂

  9. Looks so close to Mysore Pak, except that is made with besan. Looks so delicious. Wish I could pop one in my mouth 🙂

  10. Srivalli says:

    The pictures have come out so well..and no doubt the sweet must have tasted awesome…I have been wanting to make this for so long!

  11. I have tasted this sukhdi long back, they came out simply awesome Sapana.

  12. I tasted this at a temple event and it was too good to pass!! Loved it.

  13. Usha says:

    It looks some what similar to Mysore pak. Your looks perfect.

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