Roasted Chana Dal Chutney

For the second day of presenting Dips and Sauces,I made this roasted chana dal chutney from Vah Chef.It is a very hot and spicy chutney .I served it with rava uttapam and it tasted amazing .Mr. H loved it so much that he asked me to make the uttapam again the next day to pair with the chutney.Actually, before last month I have never used this dal in my cooking .One of my friends was leaving for India for few months and she gave me a packet of dalia dal to use.I was like what is this and what would I make from it.She told me about this chutney from Vah Chef and that’s how I became familiar with this chutney dal.This has now become a family favorite of ours.

Blogging Marathon#58
Theme-Dips and Sauces
Dish-Roasted Chana Dal Chutney
SourceVah chef

1/4 cup roasted chana dal/dalia dal
1/4 cup fresh coconut,grated
6-7 dry red chillies
2-3 sprigs curry leaves
a pinch aseftida
1 teaspoon mustard seeds
2 teaspoon tamarind paste
1 tablespoon oil
salt to taste

Heat oil in a pan and add roasted chana dal,few curry leaves and red chillies. Stir and add grated coconut.
Stir for 1 minute and remove from heat.
Remove the contents from the pan except the oil and make a paste in blender using enough water.
Add salt and tamarind paste and set aside.
Heat the same oil and add aseftida mustard seeds and curry leaves.Pour the tempering over chutney blend.
Mix and store in air tight container .
Serve and enjoy with upma ,poha ,rice dosa idli or uttapam.

Stays good for a week in refrigerator.

Serve-6 Cooking time-15 minutes

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Sapana Behl

10 comments on “Roasted Chana Dal Chutney”

  1. Lipsmacking chutney, i can have two more dosas with it.

  2. Victor says:

    Excellent recipe. I will prepare it this weekend

  3. Pavani N says:

    That chutney looks sooooo good Sapana.

  4. great chutney. Never added tamarind with this.. lovely

  5. The chutney is sounding delicious and the color is looking so different than the version I am used to.

  6. Sowmya :) says:

    Lovely chutney! All I need is some idli or dosa. Your site looks lovely!

  7. How delicious! lovely chutney.

  8. Lovely looking chutney. I make make this chutney but with green chilies.

  9. Lovely chutney! Should go well with vadas too.

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