Plantain Chips | How to make Plantain Chips

Plantain Chips are super crispy and absolutely delicious deep fried chips made with raw plantain. If you are looking to know how to make plantain chips at home, then this is the recipe for you. They taste so amazing and I bet you won’t stop at few once you start eating them.

Plantain chips are my favourite snacks of all South Indian dishes and being a Northie they would always fantasise me. We had a Keralite friend in college and every time she would go to Kerala for holidays she had to bring the coconut oil fried plantain chips otherwise no one would talk to her.

The flavour of coconut oil makes them more interesting and delicious. If you have plenty of coconut oil at home then go ahead and try frying the chips in that and you will see the difference.

Before making plantain chips at home I was buying them from the store and they were always so expensive. As my girls love this super easy bite-size snack and they love munching them I am now making the chips at home only.

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Banana Chips

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Raw Plantain Chips
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
20 mins
Total Time
30 mins

Crispy and tasty raw plantain chips are perfect to munch on any occasion.

Course: Snack
Cuisine: South Indian
Servings: 4 People
Author: Sapana Behl
  • 4 raw plantains
  • Himalayan pink salt to taste
  • oil for frying
  1. Wash and peel the plantains. Cut thin slices with hand or using a mandoline in a bowl of water.

  2. Rub and wash out as much starch as you can and drain the excess water.

  3. Dry the plantains with a paper towel a couple of times to remove all water.

  4. Heat oil in a wok over medium-high heat and add the plantains in batches. 

  5. Mix salt with a tablespoon of water and sprinkle some water into the wok.

  6. Let the chips cool completely and crisp from both sides.

  7. Drain on paper towel and cool completely.

  8. Store in airtight containers. Serve and enjoy;

Recipe Notes

I cut them thinly with hand but if you have slicer or mandoline go ahead and use it.

While adding the salted water in hot oil just be careful, it won't splash but take care while doing that.


This is for Srivalli’s Kid’s Delight event, guest hosted by Sapana, themed on Bite Size Appetizers.

Best Regards,
Sapana Behl

18 comments on “Plantain Chips | How to make Plantain Chips”

  1. Sapana, you surely know how to tempt me…just brushed my teeth and thought I’d comment on a few recipes links before going to bed. Now I’m sure I’m going to dream about plantain chips…. they are my favorite.

  2. Pavani says:

    We LOVE banana chips at home. I wish I could grab a handful off of the monitor — they look that tempting.

  3. Sushma says:

    Wow one of my favorite snack. It’s in my todo list for a long time. Have to try soon.

  4. My favorite thing to eat with tea! Thanks for the recipe!

  5. Vaishali says:

    Crunchy and delicious ! I love these chips too , never made them in coconut oil , but we have a old Keralaite staff man who gets these chips for us every time he visits home.

  6. I can sit and munch these extremely addictive chips at anytime of the day, my fav after potato chips. Drooling.

  7. Jagruti says: tempted me to make these, we call it kharkhariya 🙂 just love it.

  8. These are my absolute favorite and I can eat them any time of the day. You have made it so perfect. Looks great Sapana.

  9. They are my absolute favorite too Sapana and your photos are making me drool!

  10. This is our favorite chips! But somehow never got the guts try it at home! Looks delicious !

  11. OMG! I love them and eat them more than the girls do.

  12. Jayashree says:

    These are the favourite at home. Yours have come out so well Sapana.

  13. Avin says:

    Love them. The crispy chips are a most calling me to come and grab them❤❤

  14. ms Jamz says:

    Hi Sapna.. tks for sharing. They look delicious. Btw what type of plaintains are suitable?

    1. Thanks, Ms Jamz, I used the raw plantain we get in Asian stores.

  15. harini says:

    OMG! these look so tempting! They look just like the store bought ones!! Perfect for munching anytime!

  16. Sapana….how do you manage to clicks such a simple chips so beautifully. Lovely recipe and awesome clicks

  17. ruchi indu says:

    Every keralites favorite… Home made banana chips is always welcome.

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