50 Diwali Sweets Recipes

Diwali is the festival of light and happiness. It is an auspicious day celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the country. This year Diwali is celebrated on 20th of October and there are only 9 days left to arrive the day. People love making lots of sweets and savoury recipes for this day to offer Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. Later all the sweets and snacks are distributed among friends and family.

Here is the collection of 50 Diwali’s Sweet Recipes from all around the states of India. Wish you all a very happy Diwali.

This collection has some Ladoo, Barfi, kheer, payasam, halwa and some other delicious sweet Diwali recipes too.
1.Boondi Ladoo–  a popular sweet made with fried gram flour mini balls sweetened with sugar syrup and bound into a lemon sized ball.
2.Poha Ladoo- Flaked rice ground into fine powder and bind together in round balls with ghee and sugar.
3.Murmura Ladoo- Puffed rice sweet balls made with jaggery syrup are popular in North India during Diwali.
4.Motichoor Ladoo-Boondi crushed into small pieces and bound together in ladoo shape.
5.Besan Ladoo– Chickpea flour roasted and mixed with sugar to make me in mouth kind ladoos.
9.Dates Ladoo– Healthy and tasty dates and nuts ladoo. This is a guilt-free and healthy edible Diwali gift.
10.Pumpkin seeds Ladoo– Wheat flour ladoo filled with protein-packed pumpkin seeds for slightly crunch and taste.
14.Kamlalebur KheerYou won’t believe the presence of oranges in his delicious and amazing kheer.
15.Suzir PayeshSemolina kheer aka payesh is very easy and so delicious that can make your guests drool.
23.7 Cup Barfi– The farali version of famous 7 cup barfi made with rajgira aka amaranth flour.
26.Kesar Peda- a saffron-flavoured fudge or dumplings made with roasted milk solids aka khoya.
32.Cham Cham– It is a variation of raj bhog, stuffed with dried fruits and nuts. Super delicious sweet treat.
33.Raj Bhog – a super spongy sweet ball made of fresh paneer aka chenna and dunked in sugar syrup. This is a melt in mouth kind sweet.
47. Rava Kesari- A saffron flavoured semolina halwa which would make your Diwali celebrations more happening.
48.Rabdi– It is a super rich dessert made with thickened milk and filled with lots of nuts and dried fruits.
 49.ImartiIt is like the mother of jalebi, a more elaborate and thicker yet more delicious sweet dish.
50.Rice Pudding– A creamy rice pudding topped with caramel sauce to make it extra tasty.
 Wish you all a Happy and Safe Diwali.
 Best regards,
Sapana Behl

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