Chocolate Fudge

Chcolate Fudge: 3 ingredients super easy chocolate fudge candy, how cool is it. Keep a jar full of these scrumptious candies in your refrigerator and enjoy them whenever you want to indulge in sweet chocolatey goodness.

I loved this super simple and easy chocolate fudge candy. There is also an alternate old fashioned way to make the chocolate fudge candy with making a sugar based chocolate syrup but of course if you are craving for some real quick way then this 3 ingredient recipe is just for you.

Blogging Marathon#70 Week 1 / Day 2
Theme-Bring Candies
Dish– Chocolate fudge

400 gm dark chocolate,chopped
1 can (397 gm) condensed milk
4 tablespoons butter

Line an 8″ square baking tray with parchment paper.
In a saucepan over low to mediu heat add condensed milk, chocolate and butter.
Stir and cook until chocolate melts completely and combines with the condensed milk.
Pour the melted chocolate into the prepared tray. Level with spatula.Put it in the refrigerator to set for about 2 hours or until set completely.
Once set transfe rit on a chopping board and cut square pieces.
Store in air tight container.

Serve and enjoy.

Serve 40 to 50 pieces Cooking Time- 10 minutes


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Sapana Behl

8 comments on “Chocolate Fudge”

  1. Perfectly made fudge..reminds me of the fudge that you get on Indian hill stations..absolutely delicious.

  2. simple yet delicious and sinful. great share.

  3. Absolutely irresistible, those fudges are inviting me.

  4. Super duper. Is it just melting and pouring Sapna. You don't have to cook for long time ?

    1. Yes Sowmya , you just have to cook until chocolate and butter melts and it's done.

  5. OMG! such an easy peasy fudge which looks absolutely sinful.

  6. Pavani N says:

    Such a simple recipe with just a 3 ingredients. Fudge looks great.

  7. This is one fantastic treat Sapana, simply love how neatly your fudge has turned out!

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