Kuttu Ki Roti / Buckwheat Flour Flatbread

Kuttu ki Roti : A healthy gluten-free flatbread made with super healthy buckwheat flour which is perfect food during fasting. When we were in the States it was easy to do fasting for 9 days during Navratri as were getting all the fasting flour and grains. So I always had various options to make the fasting food interesting. But here in Ireland we only get Sago Pearls and Buckwheat Flour and have to stick on these two for all days of fasting. I try to make different recipes with these two but still, the family gets tired of eating them.

I love making  the fried goodies like Sabudana Tikki, Kuttu Pakoda etc but some days I love making the plain roti with falari aloo sabzi and some yogurt. It doesn’t taste like the regular roti but is a good option for gluten free and fasting people.

Blogging Marathon#69 Week 1 / Day 2
Theme– Flatbreads
Dish-Kuttu ki Roti

1 cup kuttu atta/buckwheat flour
1 small potato,boiled and mashed
rock salt to taste
1/4 teaspoon cumin seeds
1 tablespoon coriander leaves,chopped
water as required
ghee or oil to cook

In a mixing bowl add mashed potato,salt,cumin seeds,coriander leaves and buckwheat flour.
Mix everything until combined.Using a little water at a time knead a dough.Cover and set aside for 5 minutes.
Make 4-5 round balls from the dough.Dust one ball with dry buckwheat flour and roll it in a circle using a rolling pin.
Transfer the paratha over a preheated pan or skillet.
Apply a teaspoon of oil or ghee and cook the roti on low to medium heat on both sides till done.Repeat the same with remaining dough balls.
Serve kuttu roti with falaari aloo sabzi and yougurt.


Serve-2 Cooking Time-20 minutes

Notes: You may use parchment paper or kitchen towel to roll the roti.
Use non-stick pan or skillet to avoid sticking.

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Best regards,

Sapana Behl

8 comments on “Kuttu Ki Roti / Buckwheat Flour Flatbread”

  1. When I was going thru your mega marathon posts, I read you mentioning Ireland and I thought you were talking about the past. I didn't realize you moved back. And U.S. kinda have become Desi and you can almost get everything here unless you are living in a remote state.
    Those parathas are looking rustic and are a great gluten free option.

  2. The rotis look lovely with that rustic set up..would love to bite into that buttered roti with some aaloo.

  3. Wow this parathas looks absolutely stunning and definitely an excellent flatbread to give a try without any fail.

  4. Very healthy and nutritious rotis. Love it with that potato sabzi..

  5. Love the rustic setup there! I have also recently taken a liking to these buckwheat parathas.

  6. This looks perfect – I will be trying these with my next curry, Thank you!

  7. Pavani N says:

    Your kuttu ki roti turned out so perfect Sapana. I always have trouble rolling these rotis.

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