Kesar Shrikhand | How to make Kesar Shrikhand

Kesar Shrikhand: A healthy, mildly sweet and chilled dessert that would make you feel so refreshing and tastes amazing. This Diwali try making the healthy desserts along with the traditional sweets and indulges your guests in the healthy goodness of shrikhand.

Shrikhand is the popular Indian sweet made with thick strained yogurt and is famous in Gujarat and Maharashtra region. As there are many variations of using fruits and nuts so you can make as many kinds of shrikhand as you want. You can serve them to kids as an alternative to ice creams and they would love it for sure. So this Diwali try serving some healthy desserts to your friends and family and keep eating.

I usually make shrikhand but always forget to post it on the blog because the kids never left any portions to click the pictures. This week for blogging marathon I am going to post bookmarks recipes and Kesar shrikhand is one of them that I made from here.

Blogging Marathon#69 Week 4 / Day1
Theme– Bookmarks
Dish-Kesar Shrikhand

4 cups plain yogurt
2 tablespoon powdered sugar or as per taste
1/4 teaspoon saffron strands
2 tablespoon milk
To garnish

Place the yogurt in a cheesecloth or muslin cloth over a strainer on the top of a bowl and let it rest in the refrigerator until all the water from yogurt strains out.
Add saffron strands into the milk and set it aside.
After 2-3 hours you will get thick yogurt, transfer it to another bowl and keep the protein rich water residue to knead dough or in making dals etc.
Into the thick yogurt add powdered sugar and saffron milk. Whisk until combined. Transfer them into the serving bowls.
Garnish with chopped pistachios.

Serve chilled.

Serve- 2 Prep time -15 Minutes

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7 comments on “Kesar Shrikhand | How to make Kesar Shrikhand”

  1. The shrikhand looks lovely , its so popular here with so much variety , but nothing like home made one . Beautifully made Shrikhand.

  2. i love your version what a creamy texture

  3. Lipsmacking here, wat a super delicious and very rich looking kesar shrikhand.

  4. Super tempting kesari shrikand,eish to have some..

  5. Simple yet lovely dessert.

  6. Simple and flavorful dessert.

  7. Pavani N says:

    Wow, yummy yumm!! Such a creamy and delicious looking shrikhand.

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