Pumpkin Seeds Chocolate Bark

Pumpkin Seeds Chocolate Bark: A melt in mouth nutty, chocolaty and delicious bark to make you feel induldged in the goodness of pumpkin seeds with chocolate.
The last day of our month long marathon , cooking Carnival has arrived and here I am posting the final day post.I totally loved working with five different Super Seeds and love making five courses dishes with the seeds.

These barks stay well in the freezer and tasted awesome.Just do not forget to finish them off soon once you take the bark out of the freezer as they will start melting soon.I did not have to store them as mine got finished in the same day. Stay tuned to read the roundup of 26 amazing recipes with Super Seeds.

Blogging Marathon#68 Week 5 / Day 26
Theme– 5 Ingredients/5 Categories
Day 26 Ingredient– Pumpkin Seeds
Day 26 Category – Desserts
Dish-Pumpkin Seeds Chocolate Bark

1/2 cup cacao powder
1/2 cup pumpkin seeds
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/4 cup maple syrup
a pinch salt

In a saucepan melt coconut oil. Remove from heat. Add sifted cacao powder,salt,maple syrup and pumpkin seeds.
Mix well until combined.Pour it over the prepared baking tray and smooth into desired thickness layer with a spatula.
Sprinkle some more pumpkin seeds on the top and place it in the freezer until it sets completely.
Once set break into pieces.Store in freezer.

Serve and enjoy.

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Sapana Behl

12 comments on “Pumpkin Seeds Chocolate Bark”

  1. Usha Rao says:

    Chocolate barks looks fantastic and a nice snack to munch on. I like the these over exposed pictures.

  2. Chocolate bark with pumpkin seeds, thats seriously something wonderful to give a try. A real treat for chocolate lovers.

  3. Amazing snaps Sapana. This sounds like a delicious recipe to end the BM with.

  4. I usually make barks with melted chocolate and so there are no melt downs once it is frozen. Your barks are looking super delicious and is a fantastic way to end the marathon.

  5. Excellent clicks..rather stunning ones..just feel like picking that bark.

  6. A very yummy recipe to end the series. All your posts in this marathon have a been one of a kind! Congratluations!

  7. great idea to prepare chocolate barks with pumpkin seeds. awesome series.

  8. beautiful looking barks, n great way to end the series

  9. Pavani N says:

    Chocolate bark with pumpkin seeds look great.

  10. Sowmya :) says:

    Chocolate bark looks excellent! So delicious and tasty!

  11. Wow such a delicious chocolate bark. I loved your series Sapana.

  12. Srivalli says:

    Oh my those barks look stunning..what a fantastic way to complete the series!

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