Flax Seed Chutney Podi

Flax Chutney Podi : A very healthy and tasty chutney powder to relish with rice, dosa, idli or upma that will make your lunch or dinner taste amazing and nutritious too.

I know I was supposed to post a lunch or dinner recipe but after making this podi I always had it with my rice at dinner or lunch time so I thought to post it under Lunch/Dinner category. When we moved to Ireland we were living at a South Indian friend’s house while looking for our house.They used to serve us this peanut chutney podi with rice and upma and we did like the aromatic flavour of that powder. We were getting a little familiar with the chutney podis taste as it is not our routine food .So despite me being skeptical to make this chutney podi thinking no one would want to eat it, I still made it .And guess what they all love it and I have had made it a couple of times since then.

Blogging Marathon#68 Week 2 / Day 14
Theme– 5 Ingredients/5 Categories
Day 14 Ingredient– Flax Seeds
Day 14 Category – Lunch/Dinner Recipes
Dish-Flax Seed Chutney Podi

1/2 cup flax seeds
1/2 cup peanuts
1/2 cup roasted chana dal/dalia dal
1/4 cup urad dal
1/2 cup desiccated coconut
8-10 dry red chillies
1 tablespoon tamarind
5-6 garlic cloves
2 tablespoon cumin seeds
salt to taste
1 teaspoon oil
a pinch asafetida

Heat a non-stick pan and dry roast the flax seeds.Make sure to roast them on low heat as they will start popping soon.
Into the same pan dry roast peanuts,dalia dal and urad dal one by one .Remove and set aside.
In the same non-stick pan roast desiccated coconut ,cumin seeds and dry red chillies.Remove from pan and set aside.
Heat a teaspoon oil in the pan and fry the garlic cloves and tamarind.Remove from heat and add asafetida,set aside.
Cool all the ingredients and add salt then using a spice grinder grind them a couple of times to make a fine powder.
Store in airtight glass jar in the refrigerator .Use within a week or else flax seeds will become rancid.


Serve – 15 to 20 servings Prep time- 20 minutes

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Sapana Behl

14 comments on “Flax Seed Chutney Podi”

  1. Love this podi. I make it slightly differently but this sounds just as flavorful.

  2. This podi must taste amazing with rice and ghee. And the addition of flax makes it healthy too.

  3. Usha Rao says:

    Podi looks amazing!! Even I made podi with flax seeds sometime back and loved it.

  4. I can have this chutney podi with anything without any fuss, beautiful spice powder, loving it.

  5. I just commented in your flax seed rice post about the paruppu podi that I tried. here you are posting chutney podi. Very healthy podi. great share

  6. Great way to incorporate flax seeds..love the podi and the way you have presented it.

  7. Looks yum. Flax seeds a great cholesterol buster so this is health bhi and taste bhi. Love teh way you hav epresented it.

  8. The podi looks amazing Sapna. I have made using my regular chutney podium as base. Will try out your version and let you know.

  9. This flavorful podi will help me to incorporate flex seeds in my diet 🙂

  10. Using flax seeds to make a podi is simply brilliant! And yes, I loved those bowls as well!!

  11. Pavani N says:

    Amazing looking podi Sapana. I'm loving your flax seed recipes — very innovative and unique.

  12. Sowmya :) says:

    Love this chutney podi…all I need is rice and gher and I will be in dinner heaven!

  13. Srivalli says:

    That's a classic one with a twist ..and I know I will love this!

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