Journey Through Cuisines A to Z Bengali Recipes Recap

Journey through cuisines  was a month long blogging marathon of A to Z regional or world recipes.My Theme A to Z Bengali cuisine would not be possible if not for this Journey. Seriously,I would have never thought or even consider of cooking 26 recipes from East Indian cuisine.

I totally enjoyed all the recipes from fellow bloggers who did this Journey with me and as obvious my bookmarks list has gone to infinity.This whole month we all posted such wonderful ,traditional,heirloom recipes and learned so much about the Regional and International cuisine rather tan our regular cooking.

I would like to Thank Srivalli and all the fellow bloggers whom participated in this BM and made it a huge success.Congratulations and I wish all of us many more mega marathons to come.

Here is the recap of Bengali A-Z recipes.

Alur Malaikari

Bhuni Khichuri


Doi Begun

Elaich Sondesh

Fulkopir Aloo Postho

Ghee Bhat

Hinger Kochuri Alu Tarkari

Instant Nolen Gurer Misthi Doi

Jhuri Aloo Bhaja

Kamlalebur Kheer

Lobong Latika

Musuri Dal

Narkol Poshto Bora

Olkopir Dalna

Peyyazkoli Aloo Bhaja

Qeema Koraishuti


Suzir Payesh

Tomato Chutney

Ucche Kurmor Chakka

Vegetable Chops

Wadi Lau Tarkari

Xpress Kalakand

Yam Kofta Curry

Zucchini Fry in Bengali Thali

Best regards,

Sapana Behl

10 comments on “Journey Through Cuisines A to Z Bengali Recipes Recap”

  1. Loved all your posts this month Sapana. Your snaps have become so brilliant and I enjoyed going through all your Bengali recipes…

  2. Great presentation and amazing recipes. Loved all the bengali recipes. Can't wait to try them now.

  3. Loved your Bengali choice of recipes and amazing presentation. Enjoyed going thru your posts.

  4. Srivalli says:

    Sapana kudos on getting such a marvelous job done. Picking up a new cuisine and exploring it is always so tough. You made it much more interesting with your beautiful pictures. Kudos on the whole!

  5. Such a beautiful recap and you came with many delicious dishes i can die for, simply loved all your stunning clicks Sapana, good job dear.

  6. Pavani N says:

    Absolutely stunning recap of amazing Bengali dishes. I thoroughly enjoyed all your dishes in the marathon.

  7. Amazing recipes from Bengali Cuisine Sapana, loved all of your dishes. Bookmarked a lot… Enjoyed doing the marathon with you:)

  8. Usha Rao says:

    Kudos for doing 26 dishes from an non native cuisine. Wonderful round and enjoyed doing the marathon with you.

  9. excellent clicks and fantastic recipes. loved all your posts and wonder what I will do with my ever growing list.

  10. Such a beautiful recap of all the flavorful recipes you brought for us from the state of Bengal. Totally loved the journey through the letters through the blog and all the stunning pictures!

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