Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake are quite popular in the US and are usually made theme based on specific occasions.This is my last post from Rajani’s space.After enjoying the scrumptious Sloppy Joes ,the rich Hot Chocolate finally we have had this luscious Ice cream cake for our dessert.

I have not heard about Ice cream cake in Europe, but here they are found abundantly. Each Birthday party or celebration, we attended here in the U.S.there has been an Ice cream cake.It’s basically a layer of ice cream sandwiched in between two layers of cake.This cake is somehow related to Baked Alaska as it contains an ice cream layer but the ice cream never goes in the oven like Baked Alaska.

Thanks to Rajani, I finally made the famous Ice Cream Cake at home and used two flavors of ice cream as demanded by my sister.I baked this cake when she was here and we enjoyed relishing this super delicious cake and had a lot of fun with my sister.

Blogging Marathon#64 Week 4
Theme– Bookmarked recipes from Mega Marathon
Dish-Ice Cream Cake

8″ basic vanilla cake or cake of your choice
2 cups chocolate ice cream
2 cups strawberry ice cream
cool whip for frosting or any frosting of your choice
chocolate chips to decorate

Bake a cake of your choice and your desired size.I baked an 8″ basic vanilla cake.
Let the cake cool on wire rack.
Thaw the ice creams and line the same cake pan in which you baked the cake with cling film.
Pour in the thawed ice cream .I poured alternate layers of chocolate and strawberry ice cream.
Level the top with spoon and cover it with lid or cling film.Let the ice cream set in freezer until use.
Once the cake is cooled and ice cream filling is set slice the cake in two halves.Level the cake.
Sandwich the ice cream filling in between tow layers of cake.Frost with cool whip or frosting of your choice.
Decorate with chocolate chips.Place in freezer and once ready to use thaw it for 10 minutes.

Slice and serve.Enjoy!!

Serve-8 Prep time-2 hours

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Best regards,

Sapana Behl

11 comments on “Ice Cream Cake”

  1. Usha says:

    Ice cream cake looks delicious and perfect for this upcoming summer season.

  2. Wow! My kids would love to have this cake. Looks super tempting.

  3. Love it Sapana. This is in my to do list for long. Will try to make it before vacation ends…

  4. Srivalli says:

    So beautifully done!..enjoyed all your recreations!

  5. beautifully made ice cream cake..perfect for the season.

  6. Cant take my eyes from this stunning icecream cake, so irresistible.

  7. Ice cream is very popular for summer birthday celebrations. Yours turned out perfect

  8. Sarita says:

    Beautiful ice cream cake.. Looks delicious.. Wanted to try for so long..

  9. Hiba abbas says:

    One of my drafts ,still have to do it. Now i am really excited about it. Love to take a bite .?

  10. Pavani N says:

    Sooo yummy!! Perfect treat to end any party meal.

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