Aalur Malaikari

Aalur Malaikari the name itself tells that the dish is from West Bengal or you could say from Bengali Cuisine.But why all of a sudden I am posting a Bengali recipe .The reason is Mega BM ,yes another inviting ,wonderful and outstanding edition of one month long mega marathon. This time Srivalli has given us with A to Z regional cooking from Indian states or from Worldwide countries.
If you remember last September we did  Buffet on Table month long marathon featuring recipes of the world cuisine.

In our journey through cuisines I decided to go Eastern India and chose Bengal State to cook for one month.Bengali cuisine is one of the most popular cuisine throughout the country and needless to mention the mouth watering sweets.Although the main staple is fish but lentils and vegetables also take part in the complete meal.

The dish,Aalur Malakari ,after a lot of searching became live on my blog.I made my list at least three times.First time I went with Maharashtra cuisine,but later on skipped as I was stuck on more than 6 alphabets.Second time I made my list with Gujarati cuisine,but again dropped the idea.Finally,after a lot of thinking and searching Bengali cuisine has become my fella for one month.I am going to cook very simple and basic recipes that don’t need so much effort or time.

Aalur malaikari is basically potatoes cooked in coconut milk and mild spices.The green chillies and coconut when cooked with potatoes gave the curry a very nice flavor and texture.My family loved this curry with pooris. However,I wanted to make luchis to go with it but I was running out of plain flour so had to go with pooris.

Blogging Marathon#63 Day 1
Dish-Alur Malaikari
Source –Cook like a bong

2 big potatoes,cut in cubes
1 onion,paste
1 teaspoon ginger paste
2 green chillies,cut in slits
2 dry red chilly
1 bay leaf
1 cinnamon stick
2 green cardamoms
2 cloves
1 cup coconut milk
1/4 cup yogurt
salt to taste
oil for frying
2 tablespoon mustard oil

In a wok heat oil for frying and deep fry the potato cubes until light golden in color.
In another pan heat 2 tablespoon of mustard oil and add cinnamon ,cardamom,cloves bay leave and dry red chilli.
Stir and add onion ginger paste and green chilli slits.Saute until light brown in color.
Now add the fried potatoes and salt.Stir until combined with onion mixture.

Add coconut milk,yogurt ,stir and cook for 2-3 minutes.

Remove from heat and serve hot with luchi or rice.

Serve-2 Cooking time-20 minutes

Stay tuned for many more exotic and mouthwatering Bengali recipes.I will be back tomorrow with new Benagli delicacy.

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25 comments on “Aalur Malaikari”

  1. Rich and creamy side sapana!! Perfect pairing with luchi's & poori's

  2. Sapana, looking forward to all your Bengali recipes. This one looks so wonderful! Coconut milk in the gravy sounds so flavorful. Bookmarking this to try when Valli decides to do a 'no tomato gravy' theme 🙂

  3. That's one delicious looking dish. Love your presentation…

  4. great recipe to start with sapana. Bookmarking these east India cuisines.

  5. Loved the idea of Bengali Cuisine , the potato curry looks delicious . So glad we can find the best of Bengali at your blog .

  6. Usha says:

    Nice choice of region go the month long marathon. Aalur malaikar looks creamy and delicious. A nice side dish for poori

  7. The combo of pooris and a alum Malaika sounds tempting. Looking forward to your Bengals dishes this month.

  8. Kalyani says:

    Best of Bengal comes to two blogs now – one is Padma and urs now :)) great choice sapana ! And look forward to all ur amazing posts …

  9. Pavani N says:

    Month of Bengali dishes sounds lovely Sapana. This malaikari with potato looks so creamy and delicious.

  10. Srivalli says:

    what a lovely choice Sapana, and your presentation looks fabulous…love this platter..

  11. This BM is going to be filled with amazing recipes. Your theme sounds so lovely. The potatoes look so creamy and looks like a perfect match for pooris..

  12. Yeah same pinch Sapana good choice and curry looks so creamy and yes perfect with luchis looking forward to your next Bengali recipes…

  13. Such a killer dish, aalur malaikari is just inviting me. Sapana am in love with your theme yaar. Bengali cuisine is my all time fav.

  14. Nice choice of theme Sapana. This curry looks so flavorful..

  15. Maya Varde says:

    Never tried my hand at Bengali dishes…this could be my first !

    Maya Varde from

    About books and certain other things

  16. Ruchi Indu says:

    That gravy looks so rich and inviting. Nice click sapana. Looking forward for more such bengali cuisines.

  17. Awesome start to the marathon Sapana. Looking forward to a ton of Bengali recipes this month!

  18. Aruna says:

    Superb, Sapana…. the curry looks so creamy and rich. Looking forward to more of your recites. ?

  19. My first choice was Bengali cuisine as well. But changed it after a conversation with my friend. Fantastic start. Looking forward to the delicacies from the Bengali cuisine!

  20. Nice choice of theme,never tried my hands on Bengali Cuisine except few sweet dishes..ALU malaikari looks so creamy and delicious,looking forward to the rest of the recipes.

  21. Looks delicious! Great weekend recipe for family and friends!

  22. what a creamy yummy looking curry – looking forward to your Bengali exploration

  23. Wow.. Looks delicious. So many bengali cuisine this time!! 🙂

  24. This marathon I am going to learn about so many regional cuisines. Looks amazing and awesome clicks

  25. We make something similar at home. its called Vellai Sambhar. The color and texture reminds me of that…

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