Fiesta Tricolor Rotini Salad

Tricolor Rotini Pasta Salad,this pasta salad is mild,chunky and delicious to satisfy  those sudden hunger  pangs when we do not want to cook much. This week for blogging marathon my theme is Salad Recipes.My first salad recipes from the package of tricolor Rotini pasta .This is a super easy salad and that looks and even tastes more delicious.

I used store bought chunky tomato salsa for the fiesta salad but you can always make that at home for a more refreshing taste.The main twist in the taste was because of celery.I love the strong flavor of celery in salads and soups.If you do not like celery you could skip and still enjoy this fiesta pasta salad.

Blogging Marathon#62 /Week 3
Dish-Fiesta Pasta Salad
Source-Pasta Package

1 package tricolor Rotini pasta
1 cucumber,halved lengthwise
2 tomatoes,chopped
2 stalks celery,chopped
1 cup chunky tomato salsa

For viniagrette
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon honey
salt to taste
peppercorn to taste
zest of one lemon

In a bowl combine all the ingredients for dressing.Set aside.

Cook Rotini pasta as per package directions.Rinse with cold water and place in a bowl.
Now add chopped tomatoes,celery,cucumber and salsa in the pasta.
Stir in lemon viniagrette.
Toss well to coat the dressing evenly.
Serve immediately or refrigerate until chilled.


Serve-6 cooking time-20 minutes

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Sapana Behl

10 comments on “Fiesta Tricolor Rotini Salad”

  1. Jayanthi says:

    Love the color of this pasta…my kids would love it

  2. I'm not a big fan of pasta, but like it in salads… Believe me.. I'm drooling right now 🙂

  3. Pavani N says:

    That is one colorful and yummy looking pasta salad Sapana.

  4. Love the use of tri color pasta as the ones I buy here are made out of veggies. I'm sure that's what you are using, more nutrients for the family. Love the salad:)

  5. Such a catchy and colourful salad, just want to finish that plate.

  6. like the use of the salsa in this one

  7. Annu Swamy says:

    Colourful and attractive. My li'l one would love to have this.

  8. Tomato salsa in. Salad interesting salad looks so delicious

  9. Colorful and inviting salad!

  10. That is a nice colourful looking salad..

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