Mixed Fruit Smoothie

Mixed fruit smoothie,Today’s recipe,I made from Harini’s blog.Frankly speaking,I totally forgot about my third day post for the theme “Bookmarked recipes from fellow bloggers”.Today morning when I remembered about that I immediately looked for the ingredients in the refrigerator but everything was almost finished as it was the time for weekly grocery shopping.

Harini blogs at Tamalpaku and she is an amazing food blogger.I love the simplicity yet creativity she presents in her posts.I have so many bookmarked recipes from her space .But when it was time to cook from her space I ran out of  ingredients.So,I had to go for this easy recipe.But let me tell you one thing that the smoothie tasted very delicious and filling.The flavors of all the fruits together makes it more tasty.

Blogging Marathon#61/Week4
Theme-Bookmarked Recipes
Dish-Mixed Fruit Smoothie

1 red apple,chopped
1 banana,chopped
2 peachs,chopped
1 pear,chopped
4-5 strawberries,halved
1 orange
3/4 cup fresh yougrut
ice as needed

Take out juice from one orange using citrus juicer.
Blend all the fruits together with orange juice and yogurt.
Add ice cubes if desired and our in serving glasses.

Serve and enjoy.

Serve-2 Prep time-10 minutes

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Best regards,

Sapana Behl

6 comments on “Mixed Fruit Smoothie”

  1. Hiba abbas says:

    Am always hesitant to try mixed fruits because of the acidity nature of the fruits
    I'll give it a try!

  2. Very beautiful and definitely a super healthy smoothie.. Loving it.

  3. rajani says:

    Our morning smoothie is a mix of banana, strawberry, blueberry, kiwi and whatever other fruit is there in the fridge. Off late I have started using water as the liquid, milk was making it a heavy meal

  4. Wow! such stunning pictures. Thanks for the mention, Sapana. We love this smoothie too.

  5. Love your clicks and this is a wonderful way to start the day.

  6. Pavani N says:

    Love that beautiful colored smoothie. Looks very inviting.

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