Motichoor ke Ladoo

We are in another edition of Blogging Marathon .Can’t believe the Buffet on Table has already finished and we have moved to the next month.This week I will be showcasing desserts or sweet recipes for three days.

A few weeks back ,on weekend late night we were watching English Vinglish. Although we had watched it earlier,but still we’d love to watch some nice movies again .When “eo” saw the ladoos she asked me to make some and Hubby also supported her .I told them I will make tomorrow as it was almost midnight,but they both denied and insisting to make that moment.

Phew ! Majority won and there I was making laddos in midnight ,as you can see the night light in the collage .When I took the camera hubby said you won’ t forget to take camera in the kitchen even if it is midnight.To which I replied every dish has to be presented to the blog first .So finally we ate the delicious and mouth watering ladoos as our midnight snack.


For ladoo

1 cup besan/gram flour
3/4 cup water
1/4 teaspoon black cardamom seeds
a pinch saffron strands or yellow/orange food color
oil or ghee for frying

For sugar syrup
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
a pinch saffron strands

For syrup:

In a saucepan add sugar,saffron and water.Boil and then cook on simmer for 10-12 minutes or until it becomes one thread consistency.
Set the syrup aside.

For boondi

In a mixing bowl add besan ,water and saffron strands.Whisk until combined and a smooth batter is formed.
Heat oil or ghee in a wok.Use a perforated spoon and place it over the wok.
When the oil is hot enough pour a tablespoon batter at a time over the perforated spoon ,stirring with another spoon on top of perforated spoon.
Using a different ladle,fry the boondis for a minute.Remove from oil ,drain on paper towel and immediately add in the hot sugar syrup.
Stir the boondis in sugar syrup.
In a blender or food processor add the boondis and 1 tablespoon of hot water.Pulse few times on low speed and remove the contents in a bowl.
Add cardamom seeds .Apply a little oil or ghee on your palms and make ladoos while the mixture is warm.

Cool and store in air tight container.

Serve and enjoy!!

I forgot to mention that this is my 800th post.

Serve-15-20 lemon size ladoo Cooking time-20 minutes

The batter should be of pouring consistency.
Make sure the sugar syrup is one thread consistency.
Do no over fry the boondis ,just for a minute .

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Best regards,

Sapana Behl

16 comments on “Motichoor ke Ladoo”

  1. Wow, you ahve loads of patience gal. I wouldn't make even chai if someone requested at midnight. 🙂
    Those laddus are looking fabulous.

  2. Usha says:

    You have some patience to cook at midnight. I sulk and sulk all night if my husband ever asks me to cook anything after 9 pm. Motichoor laddu are perfectly shaped and look delicious

  3. Wow! 800th post! Congratulations. Making laddoos takes so much patience and that too at midnight. I love motichoor laddoos and I might try it for diwali this year.

  4. I used to do a lot of midnight snacking aa my brothers were very fond of it , but post marriage absolutely no ways , i admire you ,, motichoor ladoos at midnight is a treat , but moms are truly amazing ! Only they can cook for kids . Very well made !!

  5. Wow! I cannot imagine cooking at midnight. Ladoos came out great!

  6. Perfect looking Laddoos!great!

  7. Wish i get a box of this laddoos rite now, i always want to make these laddoos since a long.

  8. Sowmya :) says:

    I love English Vinglish too….and it makes me crave for the ladoos always. But no way would I make them at mid night. Hats off! Yummy looking dish you have.

  9. Srivalli says:

    Your laddos have turned out great in shape, I am sure it tastes divine too..congrats..and yes why my folks won't ask for midnight snack, I am known to cook at that time..the feeling is great when you won't be disturbed at all..:)

    1. Valli if hubby sees me in the kitchen in the evening I get a lecture on management.

  10. Pavani N says:

    Wow, your motichoor laddoos look sooooooo yummy Sapana. I love English Vinglish movie too.

  11. Wow you certainly have loads of patience if you make these beauties at midnight.
    Love it

  12. These are on my to do list, yours looks superb, tempting me to try them now.

  13. what a great treat. looks delicious

  14. OMG! You made this in the middle of the night? Hats off Sapana!! Lovely laddus though!

  15. great looking motichoor ladoos..must have tasted great too…

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