Besan Ki Barfi

Besan ki Barfi, the recipe came from a magazine “Sarita” . I am sure most of you are familiar with the name , I do collect recipes from this magazine . Everyone in the family knows that if I would see a magazine or newspaper and found any recipe , I will start cutting and pasting it in my diary. That’s me always hunting for new recipes !! .After Vegetable Gold Coin , When I tried Besan ki barfi , I am sure to send it to the CCChallenge happening +Srivalli Jetti space , hence saved it for that. It is super quick and easy to prepare and cube served to guests for diwali as well. So let’s start the recipe . Yum
Besan Barfi

Besan Barfi

2 cup Gram flour/Besan
1 cup sugar
1 cup clarified butter
2 tablespoon milk
1 teaspoon green cardamom powder
1/2 teaspoon orange food color
1 1/2 cup water

Take gram flour , milk and 1 tablespoon of melted clarified butter in a vessel. Mix with hands till crumbly . Now sieve it to make fine powder.
Heat clarified butter in a heavy bottom wok , add sifted gram flour slowly , stir frequently to avoid lumps. Now roast it on low to medium flame till it changes into golden color . Don’t leave it for a second or else it will burn.Set aside.

Besan barfi
Besan barfi
Meanwhile add sugar and water in a pan and start cooking it , stir and let it boil. Cook this syrup till it becomes a little thick or till 1 & 1/2 string consistency syrup .
Add cardamom powder and food color in it.

Now slowly add the roasted gram flour in the sugar syrup , stirring continuously. Switch off the heat , mix well and cook again on low heat till it becomes thick and leave sides of pan.
Grease a plate or baking tray with little butter and carefully transfer the gram flour mixture in it.
Let it cool and cut slices of your choice. You may decorate it with silver lining and chopped dried nuts.

Besan barfi
Besan barfi
Store in air tight container , serve to your guests and enjoy.

Besan Barfi
Besan Barfi
Serve-25 to 30 pieces. Cooking time -30 minutes

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  1. Wow Sapana those burfi pieces look so perfect.I have been thinking of making some thanks for adding step by step pics.

  2. The barfi looks awesome!!!!!

  3. Clear step wise pic and explaination is good.Good to try some.Thanks for sharing.

  4. Delicious and lovely looking burfis.

  5. Srivalli says:

    Looks awesome Sapana..very nice one..

  6. Mouthwatering Burfi. Love the step by step explanation.

  7. I want that box of fantastic slics of addictive besan burfis..

  8. Karishma says:

    Such a quick and easy recipe.
    Love your recipes and food pictures Sapna.

  9. Reni says:

    Tempting & perfect Barfis !

  10. Melt-in mouth burfi!!! Looks yum!!!

  11. Janani says:

    Thought of making this for diwali right sweet for festival.

  12. Yes Cook says:

    Very nice Sapana.
    It's amazing how we collect recipes.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Vinitha says:

    Got to love quick sweets
    I love the simplicity

  14. Shruti J says:

    Awesome!!! That's gonna work great for this festive season 🙂

  15. deliciously done looks wonderful

  16. nayana says:

    a perfect diwali treat, barfi looks awesome…

  17. Pavani N says:

    That is one melt in your mouth besan burfi. Perfect for Diwali.

  18. Usha says:

    Perfect Diwali sweet! I have a similar recipe noted on a piece of paper but with maida. I have to try it for this challenge sometime very soon.

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