Mitho Chillo /Sweet Pancake

Sindhi Cuisine is the authentic cuisine of Sindhi people from Sindh , Pakistan and is getting very popular. Nowadays I am learning Sindhi Cuisine .This is a traditional Sindhi breakfast dish. It’s very simple and tasty and can be prepared in few minutes.So let’s start the recipe .YumRecipe source and Acknolowdgement – Shobha’s Food Mazaa.

1 cup Whole wheat flour
2 tablespoon Sugar
1/4 teaspoon Cardamom powder
1/4 teaspoon Baking powder
1/2 cup water / milk or as needed
1 tablespoon Oil or clarified butter to smear

Mix sugar, wheat flour, cardamom powder and baking powder into a smooth, thick batter using milk or water. Stir frequently to avoid lumps.
In a non-stick frying pan/griddle, pour a ladle full of batter and spread it like a pancake.
Smear a little ghee or oil and roast it to a light brown color by flipping from both sides.

Serve hot with pickle and papad.

Serve-4. Cooking time -20 minutes

Note:You can make it with jaggery also.

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21 comments on “Mitho Chillo /Sweet Pancake”

  1. Oh's been ages since I made these, completely forgotten about these…they are yummy, but I add more ghee to fry.

  2. Srivalli says:

    Must have been very delicious!…interesting that this is a healthy version..

  3. your pancakes looks perfect
    may b this is authentic cuisine!! I personally add puree banana to it and the taste rocks 🙂 do try it sometime 🙂

  4. Healthier version of regular pan cakes. Looks very crispy & nice

  5. Oho oho so yumm chilla.. looks so Sweet …

  6. Sweet flour based chilla, looks almost like a paratha! We make this with jaggery instead of sugar. We call it 'vella dosa'

  7. Simple attractive sweet pancake which will be perfect for the sweet finishing after a meal.

  8. Delicious pancakes, super yummy…

  9. PT says:

    thanks for sharing this recipe.. looks interesting..

  10. Nilu A says:

    Simply delicious pancake Sapana.. Very healthy and perfect for breakfast 🙂

  11. Shobha says:

    You have made them well Sapana.. nice to see your interest in Sindhi Cuisine..just yesterday I was wondering which dish you were going to try out. Even I love to try out dishes from various Cuisines.

  12. this is similar to our maharashtrian style sweet pancake too…is bes eaten during rains

  13. Looks stunning and droolworthy sweet pancake..

  14. Pavani N says:

    Sweet pancakes look great..

  15. Oh this is very similar to Vella Dosai. A very delicious and filling breakfast.

  16. As others mentioned, I have eaten jaggery version dosas. Sugar version must have been also yummy.

  17. Reni says:

    Pancake and pickle…very interesting combo…looks great !

  18. Very interesting version of dosa!

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