Home made Garam Masala

I must admire one thing most that I had learned from my mother in law and that is to always use home made powdered spices. Either it’s Turmeric powder , coriander powder ,sambhar powder , Red chilly powder or Garam masala, I always made my own powder and never bought them from market. The main benefit of this is we can prevent our spices from food adulteration. I make garam masala powder three times in a year and use it whenever required. Today I will share how to prepare and store garam masala and some benefits of the spices present in it.

First Ingredint is Star Anise known as Chakri Phool in Hindi , a very common spice with numerous health benefits.Star anise is a healing spice with certain antifungal , antibacterial and antioxidants properties.
Second ingredient of our garam masala is Black cardamom known as Moti Elaichi in Hindi. It’s a rich source of iron , potassium , manganese and copper. Black cardamom is used as antiseptic and diuretic spice.
Third main component is Green cardamom or Hari Elaichi in Hindi is an ancient spice popularly used in deserts . It has certain medicinal properties and helps in indigestion and other stomach related ailments.
Fourth in the series is Nutmeg known as Jaiphal in Hindi , used in soups , sauces and baking. Although it’s used in small quantity in garam masala but makes a strong place due to it’s flavor.
Now we will talk about our next ingredient the Black pepper corn or Kali Mirch in Hindi .
Black pepper is one of the most interesting gift to mankind from nature.It is known in Ayurveda as to keep away disease from you.One main thing to be remembered in case of black pepper is it should not be stored in powdered form or else it will become harmful. Always use it in freshly cracked or powdered form.

Bay leaves known as Tejpata in Hindi is a popular spice with a rich source of folic acid , Vitamin A and C. It helps in appetite stimulation , diuretic problems and stomach ulcers. This noble spice also contains minerals as well.
Cinnamon sticks or Dalchini in Hindi , a spice that taste awesome is a major ingredient of Garam masala. It helps in regulating blood sugar and cholesterol level . A good source of iron , calcium and fiber , loved by everyone for its flavor.
Dried ginger a well known spice or culinary helps in many digestive ailments , an ancient Ayurvedic medicine for cold and cough and also helps in smooth functioning of heart.
Cumin seeds are a well known spice yielded in all over India.It is used in every kitchen to temper curries. Normally cumin is if two type viz. black cumin and white cumin seeds. It’s my all time favorite spice with numerous health benefits. Helps in digestive disorders , increases hunger and beneficial for skin diseases.
Cloves are used in mouth freshener, in spices and Paan (a sweet preparation of betel leaf with other aromatic spices) and readily used in culinary .It is gifted with medicinal properties. Its oil contains eugenol which is used to relieve tooth ache.
As a popular ingredient of Garam Masala, it also helps in secretion of digestive juices thus good for health.Now  let’s start the procedure.

25 gm Star Anise
25 gm Black Cardamom
25 gm Green cardamom
3-4 Nutmeg
50 gm Black pepper corn
6-7 Bay leaves
25 gm Cinnamon sticks
4-5 Dried ginger pieces
50 gm Cumin seeds
50 gm Cloves
Pick and clean all ingredients in a bowl.

Garam Masala
Garam Masala
First grind big spices like nutmeg , dried ginger and cinnamon into small pieces in mortar and pestle.

Garam Masala
Garam Masala
Grind the remaining spices , mix with earlier spices in grinder.
Grind them all together to make a fine powder .

Garam Masala
Garam Masala
Cool and store in airtight container.

Serve-About 300 gm  Garam masala . Prep time-20 minutes
Note: Always dry the spices well in sunlight or warm place before grinding.
Use a pat dry grinder to grind the spices.
Cool it completely before storing.

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