Moong Chilka Dal Khichdi

Moong Chilka Dal Khichdi or you may say sick one’s food. It is very similar to Italian risotto but Desi version.We used to eat khichdi when we were sick.In childhood days I hated khichdi and really didn’t liked it at all.It was one of the yukky food for me.

After growing up I developed interest in Moong Dal Khichdi and loved it to the core.It’s extremely tasty ,healthy and easily digestible.

Here is step wise recipe for Moong chilka dal khichdi .If you want to see more Khichdi recipes here are few of them.

Chana dal khichdi
Bihari khichdi
fada ni khichdi

2 cups moong dal/split green gram
1 cup rice
1 teaspoon turmeric powder
2 teaspoon cumin seeds
Salt to taste
4 tablespoon butter or ghee

Cook washed dal and rice in a pressure cooker with salt,turmeric powder and fourcups water for 3 whistles.
Heat ghee in a pan add cumin seeds as it started crackle transfer it over cooked khichdi.

Serve hot khichdi with curd ,pickle,papad and salad.


Serve-4. Cooking time- 20 minutes

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