Kahwah tea

Kahwa is green tea mainly consumed in Kashmir ,Pakistan and central Asian countries.It has wonderful medicinal properties as well .When we were having vomiting or diarrhea mum made this Kahwa with mint leaves for quick relieve and if anyone is having cold and cough she adds holy basil leaves and there you go fine.The presence of cinnamon sticks,cardamom pods enhance aroma and health benefits too.Normally it is not found in every house but ours were using it since last 50 years.It is often served in tiny ,shallow cups.Hmm our tiny cups are buried somewhere in store room’s trunk.I can’t take them out (lazy me).So lets start with recipe.yum

Kahwah leaves-2 tsp
Cinnamon stick-1
Green cardamom -1
Black cardamom-1
Black pepper-1
Sugar to taste
Water-3 cup
Boil water in a tea pan with Kahwa leaves on very low flame.Add all spices and let it boil for some time.
When color of water changes to reddish brown add sugar.Pour in glass or cup.
Drink hot with chopped nuts.

Serve-2.       Cooking time-10 minutes

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